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Moonshot serves as a platform that connects young talented athletes to people that want to get behind their career with a financial commitment.

We aim to enable every athlete that has the potential to make it, to achieve that goal.

There are thousands of athletes that have a shot at making it, but lack capital and network. Together, we can make this a thing of the past.

How it works

1. Athlete listing

We work with the athlete to formulate a fair revenue share agreement. The terms of the agreement together with details about the athlete are published on the Moonshot platform and the fundraising process begins.

2. Support from backers

Once the listing is live, backers have the opportunity to show their support by placing their investment and in return, receiving a contract that stipulates the terms of the agreement.

3. Share the success

When the athlete turns pro, they share a portion of their earnings, through the Moonshot platform.


Dimitris Nikolaou


Dimitris co-founded Moonshot after spending 4 years as an engineer at Palantir.

Dimitris holds an MSc in Computer Science from Imperial College London. During his college years he played basketball professionally for the Surrey Scorchers.

Youssef joins Moonshot from Palantir, where he spent 4 years and served as the Tech Lead for several initiatives, most recently Palantir’s startup business.

Youssef holds an MEng degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Imperial College London. He grew up playing Tennis competitively and reached the national level in Egypt.

Youssef Rizk


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Frequently Asked Questions


We are starting with Tennis athletes. Please reach out if you are in Tennis and want to get involved. In a few months, we will start expanding in other sports such as Golf, Motorsports etc and soon after that enter the space of team sports! Reach out to info@moonshot.li if you want to chat.

We are building a network that will help you succeed:

  1. Athlete support.
    1. Moonshot Mentor. We are partnering with seasoned athletes to work with the younger athletes of our platform for advice both in terms of performance, but also life after sport.
    2. Financial advisor. For athletes that start getting access to large capital early on, understanding how to utilise it is extremely important.
    3. Nutritionist, Lawyer, Social media expert. All vital partners for the career of an elite athlete - and our athletes get access for free!
  2. Endorsements. We have built a network of brands that are interested in working with elite athletes. Once you're part of our platform, it will be access to all these brands.
  3. A community behind you. When people have back you, they do so because of both the financial incentive and because they believe in you. They will spread the word about you and keep supporting you in every step.

Athletes that are currently signed up make a case for anything between $50K up to $500K. 

Yes. We are working together with a top legal team in the NIL space to ensure compliance. On top of that, there is precedence of this mechanism taking place, at a smaller scale, during the 2022 season. Definitely happy to discuss details if compliance is a worry.

Our first set of athletes are something special! We have kept our list short, have a sneak peak:

  • the world's no1 in Junior's
  • the best player Serbia's young age groups have seen since Djokovic
  • the player behind the highest growing Tennis related Youtube channel
and a few more future stars!

Athletes are free to offer any perks they want to the tiers of investments. Some perks we are seeing:

  • Signed merch
  • (Future) access to VIP tickets
  • Direct line of communication with the use of gated services


A legal contract that stipulates the terms of the exchange is held by both sides. Please ping info@moonshot.li if you want to have a look at a sample contract.

There are countless examples of talented athletes facing circumstances that did not allow them to reach the professional levels. If the athlete does not make it, they will not pay back their backers.

Moonshot will act as the intermediary for all capital transfer. Upon every dispersement that the athlete makes, Moonshot will communicate the amount gained and proceed in sending it over.

This is a risky asset. Returns resemble those of angel investing in startups.

The platform is open to anyone. A restriction might apply only for some set of athletes where, if you are US based, you will need to be an accredited investor. But this will only be for some set of athletes and only until 2023.

People interested in our product usually back talents for these three reasons:

  1. The reward. If you spot the right talent, you may be in for a significant return.
  2. The emotional appeal. You get to help someone in a noble journey.
  3. The perks. Sitting courtside? Training with the athlete you sponsored? Getting signed merch? You got it.

If the athlete is unable to reach the minimum requested amount by the set deadline, backers will receive a full refund.

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