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Moonshot is more than a company

Dear reader,

As you land here on our inaugural blog post, a mere stop on your journey of clicking and reading through our website, I’d like to offer you a little respite and share with you the story of why we’re building Moonshot.

I must admit that Moonshot is not my first dance with a startup idea. When the pandemic hit and I was forced to spend time alone with my thoughts (despite my best efforts to avoid doing so), I came to an unequivocal realisation that I wanted to start a company ASAP. Over the last two years, I flirted with all sorts of ideas. Some honourable mentions:

  1. A data science company in Egypt
  2. A flexible corporate benefits platform for the UK
  3. A tech-enabled home appliance retailer in Egypt
  4. And most recently, Carvana in Egypt

And while I was keen to find that one idea to build a company around, all of these were in turn abandoned. In retrospect the reason for this was that, unbeknownst to me, my goal was not just to start a company, but to start a company that added real value to the lives of people.

Dimi and I came up with the idea of Moonshot and it was the one. Moonshot is much more than a company to me; it’s an expression of my own journey. I started my life at your average public school in Egypt. Our English teacher defined “snorkelling” as killing your snores, so let that be an indicator of the level of education you can expect there. Midway through the fifth grade, I transferred to the country’s best school, and though I mention this pretty matter-of-factly, it was a modern day miracle that I got in. I spoke a barely-passable level of English (which you may assume is a requirement to be admitted into an American school) and there was a hilariously small number of vacancies.

I gave the Valedictorian speech at our graduation.

I then moved to Imperial College London to study electrical engineering but fell in love with software and taught myself most of what I know about programming today. I graduated with a spot on the dean’s list.

My parents spent an ungodly amount of money to invest in me and my education. That investment was recuperated in full (and with a pretty decent ROI actually) after a couple of years of working at Palantir.

I had my community of backers, my family, and I am grateful that they believed in me enough to give me the opportunities I have. But where luck and privilege were on my side, I am acutely aware that many people with much higher potential than me do not have this luxury.

Moonshot is on a mission to make sure that you can achieve your potential, irrespective of your means.

Moonshot is an ode to those who believe in those who can achieve.

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