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Moonshot’s case for Tennis and Pedro Martinez!

“Why are you starting with Tennis?”

We’ve received this question a few times over the past few months while we have been setting up Moonshot. The answer is pretty straightforward. Tennis has the following properties:

  1. It is notoriously expensive to reach the profit generating portion of your career
  2. It has the potential to generate substantial returns
  3. There is a strong, global following behind the sport

Tennis offers the perfect platform for Moonshot to add immediate value to players that are currently in their pursuit of their career. It’s also the space in which getting behind the career of an athlete is the most prominent with a very good example being the investment that the agent of Carlos Alcaraz made in him when he was 12 yo, which is obviously paying off handsomely now.

Over the next few weeks, we will announce a handpicked list of elite up and coming talent that with your help, will be able to reach the echelons of Tennis!

How is all this related to Pedro?

For whoever doesn’t know Pedro, trust us when we say you will be hearing a lot of him in the near future. Pedro Martinez is a generational talent that has now started being recognised as an elite player at the professional level after winning a few major tournaments. We spotted an opportunity to officially support Pedro’s career and we snatched it! We have no doubt that Pedro will kill it in the upcoming years!

Moonshot X Pedro Martinez!

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